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OOfos Recovery Slides-OOahh for Plantar Fasciitis

Through the Spring, Summer and finally Fall of 2019 as I prepared for the New York City Marathon, I, like millions of other runners suffered from a case of PF-Plantar Fasciitis. Mild cases of PF result in that pain that many runners feel in the heel and arch of their foot when they take their first few steps in the morning. More severe cases become painful throughout the day and while running, and can really start to cause damage if you keep running through it. It is very often caused by small tears in the fascia of the foot which cause inflammation, frequently induced by distance running.

To remedy the situation I tried a number of things, mostly around stretching and icing. These kind of worked, they would get me through the workout but never seemed to actually fix the issue. After I finished the race at the end of 2019, I resolved to take at least a couple of months off of running in order to heal my body which was frankly just feeling really beat up from the training. I had a great New York Race in 2019, finishing in my PR of 3:01 so I was content and just worn out. The PF had progressed to the point where my heel was feeling at least mildly (and sometimes more) painful through most of my runs. So I took a few months off at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, it was a good time to take time off anyway because the pandemic was just kicking off. I started trying to get back into running again several times later throughout 2020 but kept running into the PF issue where my heel would start to hurt again as soon as I was running any sort of decent weekly mileage.

The PF didn’t really start to go away until I read online about these magical sandals called Oofos Recovery slides. At first I was skeptical but from what I read, all you need to do is wear them around the house and it would help PF. Well I was pretty desperate so decided to give it a shot because nothing else seemed to be working and I wanted to run! So I bought a pair of them…and it worked! It wasn’t immediate or anything, the PF just seemed to gradually go away so by early 2021 I was starting to put in some legit training weeks again. In 2021 I bought a second pair, so now I have my “inside oofos” and my “outside oofos”. During my build-up for Boston this year, I have had a couple of other minor injuries, but the PF has stayed away!

When you put them on, expect a very comfortable fit. They feel great to walk around in. I think the magic though is just keeping them on when you are inside the house going about your business, on the computer, or watching tv. I don’t understand why but something about the shape and firm softness of the foam just seems to really help with my PF. To be honest, they are kind of ugly for wearing away from the house, but they are so comfortable, do you really care? Anyway, I am a big fan of them and would recommend Oofos Recovery Slides as something to try at least to anybody suffering from PF.

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