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Boston Marathon Jackets-For Anyone?

For as long as I have been training to run marathons now, I have noticed others around the running scene wearing Boston Athletic Association marathon jackets. I've always associated the jackets with people who had "made it" in terms of being amateur runners because I understand how much work is required for most people to qualify for the race. The qualifying standard is pretty tough for regular folks so I have always considered Boston Marathon runners to be competitive "local class" runners. It would be hyperbolic to say that I have "dreamed" of wearing one some day, but I have always said that if I ever got into Boston, that I wanted to get the jacket. I don't know if the Boston Marathon jacket is even the first Marathon jacket but outside of maybe an Olympic team jacket, it is probably the most iconic.

Well, I qualified and am in the race this year. Yesterday I realized that I have not yet ordered a jacket, or even received any material regarding how to order one. I went to the BAA's website (seriously guys, please update the athlete portal in your site, it is truly terrible), and found a simple link to the Adidas website where seemingly anyone can order a jacket. Huh? So all this time, all these people wearing BAA jackets may have not actually raced from Hopkinton to Boylston Street? My mind is blown and I am actually kind of disappointed as I always thought that the right to shell out $120 for a cheap windbreaker with the BAA branding on it had to be earned.

This all being said, I am still going to get one😊 I'll do a gear review on it once it arrives.

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